Mar. 03, 2021

HARRISBURG – Legislation authored by Rep. Barb Gleim (R-Cumberland) that would address the state’s substitute teacher crises was approved unanimously by the House Education Committee on Tuesday.

Gleim’s bill, which has the support of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, is designed to help ease a current shortage of substitute teachers who work on a day-by-day basis by providing more flexibility to school entities.

House Bill 412 would address this shortage, which has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, by allowing certain substitute teachers to work longer periods,” Gleim said. “With the amendment we adopted in committee, it would allow someone with an inactive certification to be employed as a substitute for up to 180 days during a school year instead of up to 90 days.”

Under House Bill 412, someone holding a state-issued, day-to-day substitute permit could serve in more than one assignment for up to 20 days instead of just one assignment.

Tuesday’s committee approval clears the way for the measure to be voted on by the full House.

Representative Barbara Gleim
199th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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